Contain Yourself

Contain Yourself

The white hart has always been a creature of myth and legend.

The ancient Celts saw it as a harbinger of doom. The French believed that to harm a white hart meant to be eternally cursed with the pain of unrequited love. The Scots saw it as a symbol of purity, redemption and good fortune.

But you don't have to worry about any of that because in Melbourne, it means only one thing - an all encompassing gathering space with great music, the finest craft beers and cocktails, boutique wines, great food and a kaleidoscopic visual feast of projections and graffiti.

Located in the heart of the city in a converted car park at the end of Whitehart Lane is a unique green zone with an industrial edge – a place to party, or just relax and talk at the end of the day.

Melbournes CBD now has a WHITE HART.

View our current food and drink menus below.

Now Serving

Now Serving

Skewer Me

Skewer Me

Serving from 15.1 - 24.1

A crowd favorite! These guys will be serving up everything from delicious freshly prepared Salads to your favorite Skewers! They've got something for everyone. Don't miss them whilst there here!



Serving from 25.1 - 26.1

A true modern day romance, that began with Mark (master behind Juana Taco) stumbling into his very first taco bar. Mark soon found that every moment of his spare time was spent indulging in good beer and even better food.

2 years spent in Latin America only deepened the affair, with Mark immersing himself further in the culture; taking the time to now not only eat, but to learn to cook, authentic food.

Marc is incredibly passionate about serving up “keep it real” authentic tacos. He founded Juana Taco with desire to bring true Mexican street food to the inner city suburbs of Melbourne, and wanted to be certain that not only would the food be 100% authentic and 100% fresh but also 100% affordable. Juana Tacos is all about tacos for all!


Check in regularly to see what's on at Whitehart

Smooth Saturdays @Whitehart

Smooth Saturdays @Whitehart

Smooooov & seductive selections all daaaeeeeee @ Whitehart Bar

STM // Sergio (Guiding Principles)

Sounds of warmth with feeling, soaked in a sublime selection of vocal samples.
After having met years ago in a record store in Europe, their friendship and passion for music has been strongly intertwined.
They understand the connection between DJ and dance floor - bringing enthusiasm in their ability to reach out and fully interact with their audience.

Tristan Kino (Short Black Recordings)

With a new release out on Short Black Recordings, Tristan's future is looking brighter by the day.
Founder of Indeed Productions, he has been organising events and DJ'ing in Bangkok, Hong-Kong, Bali, Singapore, Saigon, France, Germany and Spain.

Free & Fun Always
HartBeats Session #9

HartBeats Session #9

Every Sunday Whitehart Bar presents HART BEATS sessions, a foray into the ever expanding universe of live music. HART BEATS will deliver the best Local, Australian and International talent weekly.
From Beat sets to improvised jazz we've got your Sunday covered. 
This week we present.....
!!!   Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange  !!!
This group of geniuses will be joined by Jackson MIies + Colette + HdsnJmsJr.
Come on down for a drink and join us as we party into the night!


Opening Hours

Monday Noon - 11pm
Tuesday Noon - 11pm
Wednesday Noon - 11pm
Thursday Noon - Midnight
Friday Noon - 1am
Saturday Noon - 1am
Sunday Noon - 11pm

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